LUNE MKⅣを買ってみた(その1)

今回は先日リケーブルのために発注したNull AudioLUNE MKⅣを紹介します。


Null Audioについて

ケーブルの前に、メーカーであるNull Audioを紹介したいと思います。

と言っても実はほとんど知らないのでNull AudioのサイトのAbout Usを見てみます。

Null Audio Studio is a professional audio workshop based in Singapore. We specialize in handcraft various cables and peripherals for high-end IEM and headphones. We are established in the year of 2008 and have expanded into a team of more than 10 employees. We build cables with our passion in music and strive to make music representation more faithful to its source with our premium cables!

Being the pioneer of custom IEM cable maker, we have been in this craft since the year of 2008 and the Lune series is the first ever upgrade cable made for the renowned UE TF10. Over the years we have sold more than 30000 pcs of Lune series and over 6000 pcs of Arete series IEM cables. Null Audio has grown from an one man show into a business with dedicated producti on, customer service, sales and management team of more than 10 employees/music lovers:) That includes 2 PhDs in material science and electronics engineering! The sold cable amount alone is a testament to the sound quality and build craftsmanship of our cables.

IEM cables are consumable items since most of them will see heavy daily usage, being pulled, stretched, tangled, knotted, cut or even chewed by pet are common to be seen. We have provided at least one year warranty on all of our cable and it is backed by a strong customer service and production team. We have a showroom in Singapore and the production team is also located locally. Even most of the IEM connectors are proprietarily designed and molded in house. Such arrangement made it possible to create an efficient ordering and RMA system, unlike many other brands who outsource production to cheaper labor countries, in the event of RMA, it takes weeks or even months to conclude. If in any unfortunate circumstances you snapped your precious Null Audio cable, send it to us and we will make sure it will be on its way back to you in matter of days. We have established such reputation people will even give up their warranty and pay us to repair their 3rd party brand cables, including those Singapore brands!

We are the official distributor for Advanced AcousticWerkes. We also carry products from Rooth Professional Audio, Hidition, Canal Works, Shozy and Viablue.

If you have any questions regarding our service, email us at sales@null-audio.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • 2008年設立のシンガポールの小規模な工房、いわゆるガレージメーカー。
  • ハイエンドIEM(インイヤーモニター)とヘッドホン用のケーブルや周辺機器を作っている。
  • Ultimate EarsTriple.fi 10 Pro(BA型のイヤホン、通称10pro)用の初めてのアップグレードケーブルであるLuneシリーズを作った。
  • ケーブルは全て独自設計・自社生産している。
  • ある意味消耗品と言えるケーブルなのに1年間のRMA(返品保証)を提供。



Lune MKIVについて

今回私が注文したLune MKIVは、正式にはLune Series MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable for Earphonesという名称なのだそうです。

このLUNEですが、どのようなケーブルなのか、またNull Audioのサイトを見てみます。


The Lune series 4th generation is here!

The Lune utilizes specially made silver wires with chemi-resistant TPE sleeving as high performance conductors, braided to reduce low range and interference noises. It minimizes transmission phase shifts and distortions while providing immense clarity over the sound realm with better depth, width, image focus and finer low range resolution. The Lune is of extreme light weight, terminated with high quality audio connectors. This is a very sharp looking cable and serves as the best IEM replacement cable on market.

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What is changed in the MKIV generation?

  • OCC casted silver/rare metal alloy conductor, same secret recipe, now OCC casted.
  • Litz 4 configured conductors – Four individual 18-strand conductors, total 72 strands per wire, 288 strands per cable.
  • Four individual braids surround a centre Kevlar reinforcement fibre core for maximum tensile strength and durability
  • Ultra clear and durable TPE insulator
  • Copper bodied IEM connector(For 2PIN/MMCX/A2DC), Y-Splitter, 3.5/2.5mm connectors

This cable also optionally includes dual mode inline remote that supports both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with premium MEMS micrphone which offers crystal clear call quality.

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  • OCC鋳造された銀とレアメタルの合金でできた導線
  • 18本の導線からなるストランドを4本撚った独立したワイヤー(導線72本)をさらに4本編んだケーブル(導線288本)
  • ケブラー製強化ファイバーコアを4本の組紐で囲むことで最大引張強度と耐久性を確保
  • 透明と耐久性の高いTPE皮膜
  • 銅製のIEMコネクタ(2PIN/MMCX/A2DC用)、Yスプリッタ、3.5/2.5mmコネクタ
  • iOS/Android両対応のインラインリモコンもオプション設定あり
  • リモコンには、クリアな通話品質のプレミアムMEMSマイクロホンを装備





  • Wiring Color: Silver/Clear
  • Length: 1.2 meter or 48 inches (length customization supported, please contact us)
  • Pin contact: 99.9% gold hard plating over brass, insulated in thermalplastics
  • Weight: 20g
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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  • 配線色:シルバー/クリア
  • 長さ:1.2メートルまたは48インチ
  • ピンコンタクト:真鍮に99.9%純度の硬質金めっき、熱可塑性樹脂の絶縁
  • 重さ:20g
  • 保証期間:1年間